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Bank Car Brokers is the new and most cost effective way of buying a pre-owned vehicle. Our company mission is not only to save our customers thousands of dollars by providing the ability to buy from the same banks and finance companies as big dealerships but also to put us on the same side as our customer. When a car is sold at a dealership not only does the dealership have to mark it up thousands of dollars but they own the car so they are trying to sell you that car. They are not on your side because they are limited to only selling you cars they have on the lot. On top of that dealers have huge overhead and tons of bills so they have to mark the vehicle up thousands just to make any profit. At Bank Car Brokers we are the complete opposite. We do not own any cars so we don’t care what you buy. We are simply here to help. Our trained brokers will find you a bank owned vehicle at the same auction the big dealers buy from. We will provide all the research including how much other dealers have paid for the same car and free history report to help you make an educated decision. We will also find you the best financing since the banks love us. If you are worried about buying a car without driving it or having a mechanic look at it you shouldn’t be. Not only are bank owned cars inspected with unbiased condition reports but newer cars come with a warranty from the factory which means if you had any problem the manufacturer will fix it for free. This provides complete piece of mind to our customers. The best part is that we charge a flat fee for full transparency. Each customer knows exactly how much the car cost and how much it was marked up. This way you know you got the best deal every single time.

Drawbacks of buying from a dealership

Huge mark up —the average markup for a newer pre-owned vehicle is $5000-$7000

Limited inventory—Dealership can only sell you what they have.

Salespeople are not on your side—A dealerships goal is to make money. Not to help you. They are always trying to make as much as possible on each sale.

No Transparency—A customer has no idea how much the dealership is making or what they paid for the car.

Pushy sales people—No one likes going to a car lot and getting pushed around.

Dealer fees—Dealer fees range from 400 to 900 dollars at most dealers.

Benefits of buying with Bank Car Brokers.

Extremely low overhead- means extremely low mark up. SAVE THOUSANDS

Full transparency—You know how much our markup is. No secrets like at a dealer.

Brokers are on your side—We don’t own any cars so we are not trying to sell you our cars, just helping you buy a car from the same places dealers buy from.

Huge selection—At any given time there are over 100,000 bank owned vehicles in the United States all available to Bank Car Brokers at a click of a mouse

No dealer fees—Bank Car Brokers never charges dealer fees because we are not a dealer.

Nationwide shipping—We will search the whole country to find you that perfect car and ship it to your door.

Unbiased condition reports—Bank owned vehicles go through inspection and have a condition report.

Free history reports—We will provide a free history report on any car you may be interested in.

Breakdown: Why dealerships have to mark cars up thousands every time.

Let’s take a typical car that a dealer buys a car for example 25000 dollars. We will break down the costs of that dealership that they HAVE to add to the price just to break even and then we will add the profit to that.

Let’s start with the dealerships overhead. For example, we will use a dealer that sells 50 cars a month. This will break down their overhead and expenses. There is more these are just the basics.


7000---Rent average is 7000 per month. This is a smaller independent dealer. A big dealer could be paying up to 50000 a month in rent.

4000----Electric, internet, keeping things clean, landscaping and general maintenance

2500---Computer management system for customers and inventory

13500 or 270 per car if they are selling 50.


Good sales and finance people in the car business get paid a lot of money. Why?? Because they have to be good to be able to get you to pay thousands over that the dealership paid. Most dealerships have manager roles that apply to all sales and then there are salesmen that get paid for only the sales they make. These are the average monthly salary and or commissions for these jobs.

$20,000 General manager

$15,000 Finance manager.

$10,000 Sales manager

$2,000 Lot porter —Moves cars around and lines up the car lot

$2,000 Lot porter 2–Takes pictures. Goes on test drives with customers. Takes cars to the shop to get them fixed.

$3,000 Title clerk

$3,000 Secretary

$2,000 Receptionist

This is $55000 In monthly manager and employee expenses or about $1100 per car if they are selling 50


The biggest expense for dealers. This is just the most popular websites and the average a dealer selling 50 cars a month would spend with each one.

Cargurus $4,000

Truecar $4,000

Autotrader $3,000

Cars.com $2,000

Facebook $5,000

Craigslist. $4,000

Google pay per click $4,000

The dealerships own website and SEO $2,000

Car magazines $8,000

$36000 total or $720 per car.

$25000 to buy the car

$400 average shipping to the dealership not shipping to you if you happen to not be local which would be more.

$300 average floorplan—a floorplan is the money the bank charges the dealer to finance that car while it is sitting on the lot. Trust me no dealer selling newer cars pays for the cars that are on the lot for sale in cash. They finance those.

$100 detail each car to get ready for sale.

$500 average salesman commission

$720 advertising

$1100 employees

$270 rent and basic overhead

$3390 in total overhead per car.

Sounds pretty absurd when you consider they have to mark a car up 3390 dollars just to break even. However, these dealers don’t break even. They make money. And tons of it. A dealership of this size should be making roughly 75-100 thousand dollars profit per month. So let’s average that at 87000 and divide that by the 50 cars they are selling that’s another 1740 they are adding to the vehicle.

So add that up

$3390 plus $1740 is $5130.

This is what the average dealership HAS to mark the car up to remain profitable. Do you really want a dealership making 5100 dollars when if the car is under factory warranty and it has a problem you are not going to the dealership you bought it from? You are going to the dealership that made it. For example, if you buy a Toyota Camry at an independent dealer you will go to the Toyota dealer to get warranty repairs.

Why Bank Car Brokers has such low markups.

We don’t have a dealership. We just have an office. So all the expenses associated with the dealership are not a factor. Out advertising is mostly just our website which is not expensive to maintain. So no big advertisement expenses. Most of our business comes from referrals from satisfied customers which are free. Since we don’t have a dealership or hold inventory we do not need all those employees. This is all savings that we are passing on to our customers. However the best part isn’t the savings. The best part is the fact that we charge a flat fee. Instead of selling you a car we own and are trying to get rid of, we are simply helping you buy a car from the exact same place dealers get the car from. Usually banks and finance companies. You can see a list at here (this need to redirect to the banks we work with tab)

No inventory and flat rate mark up put us on your side. There are no secrets no haggling. No uncertainty if you are getting ripped off. It’s all positive. We are just here to help. We ask you to give us a call and we will navigate thousands of vehicles available all over the country. Find you the perfect vehicle. Make sure to go over every detail of its history report. Handle your financing. Handle the shipping and delivery. We do it all. Plus with a history report before you buy and a warranty from the manufacturer and available extended warranty you simply can’t lose. We really hope you give us a call and let us take the hassle and huge markups out of the car business.

If you do choose to go the old fashioned way and pay the high mark ups here are some tips.

If a salesman is trying to put you in a car that you did not come in for. It is because that car has been there for a while and they are looking to get rid of it. If you actually like that car. Offer $2000-$3000 off of the asking price. That is a car you can likely get a good discount on.

Always get a history report. If it’s clear of negatives, great that’s what you want. If not you may still want the car but you should be getting a good discount if it had a negative history. Use websites like nada.com and Kbb.com (kelly blue book) to get a good idea on what the car is supposed to be selling for. The dealership will still make a bunch of money, but if you are educated on the cars they might not be able to make as much. Dealerfire Make sure they are not links so customers stay on our site

Understand options and trim levels.

The same car might be all the same but one has leather, a sunroof, and heated seats. That car will be worth more and one without it will be worthless. A lot of times dealerships will try to sell a car with fewer options for more so they can make more money.

We hope these tips help you in your search. Just remember all the tips and research above, Bank Car Brokers does for you for free because we are on your side.

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